Up in the Air

After reading this now i am craving to travel ..


Traveling is something I’ve been fond of ever since I can remember. Not exactly travelling but visiting new places or checking out the new park in the neighborhood would do too. I remember being sucha pain in the ass on the weekends asking my father to take me somewhere and when he’d ask where I wanna go, my answer would be “Koye naye jaga”. The whole driving up to a place or flying part isn’t much of an interest to me. Change in scenery is interesting but what fascinates me is the first look at the place, the first glance, the first skip of beat and the feeling of relieve that we are finally here. Thou I do enjoy the ride but sitting in a confined space for hours isn’t my thing. Plus constant intake of junk food and no fresh air is just nauseating.

For past two years, I’ve had…

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Now Karachi is going to be “Smart Karachi”

Karachi 5 : Dubai 0 – Is Karachi better than Dubai?

Joys & Woes of a Karachiite

I’m not going to pretend and say that ever since I’ve moved to Dubai, life here is horrible and Karachi was much better, because truth be told, Dubai has a lot more to offer in terms of comfort as well as personal and professional growth!

But there are definitely some things about Karachi that make it worthy of being called ‘Home.’ And those things are worth mentioning here:

1. Maps

I know the roads, I know how to drive, I have a license (who doesn’t?) and I have a car in Karachi. Did I mention I know the roads? Yes, Dubai is a beautiful concrete jungle, but it is so rapidly changing that one can never get completely accustomed to the roads. Or maybe I have a really poor sense of direction because I can never seem to figure out which way is home. Using maps to get from one…

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To do or not to do?

It is commonly said that “When life gives you lemons , make lemonade” but I am curious to know how to make lemonade?? 

Consider a person who is in an acute depression , he needs a break from all his worries and agony and Some people trivialize depression (often unintentionally) by dropping a platitude on a depressed person as if that is the one thing they needed to hear.

Platitudes don’t cure depression. It is very easy to comment on his situation but they can not realize their anxiety just because they have not experienced it really like.

Its just you who can better understand the real situation after Amighty. So it is only you who can lift you up towards sky.

Secondly, if you ask for help with the loyal one so it is an Empathy which can be beneficial when it comes to cope you up with your depression.

As far as I am concerned, Whenever I get depressed (not sad) nobody can encounter but Myself.

First of all , bow your head infront of your ALMIGHTY who can only listen to you and solve your problems even a pitty ones.

Simplify your life , have some positive vibes surrounds you and take care of yourself…

Because you are a wonderful person who deserves love and affection. 

Akram- The Pied Piper

Karachi?! Doesn’t look like this


A silent road in karachi  ? Unbelievable

About to begin..


This place needs a change over. Now about to open the roadside fish point..

Equipment , ready?


Equipments arrived.

Lets Light up the city of Lights..Picture4

Its evening.. And karachiites are already lining up.

Bring it on, mates !


Giving out all they have..

Preparing to set the East on fire


Switching on the stoves.



Making sure not even a single karachiites returning uneaten.

Instructing his workers to do their job well.

Setting up the Stage


Show casing their menu..Various kinds of fishes they offer.

Here is your wish list Karachiites


Watch out your wallet first.

A price list.

Curtains rolled up


All set to cater the customers..

One nailed down and the other one too


Frying fishes for customers.

Smell! Smell! Smell!


Delightful smell spreading out everywhere..

In a while , fishes will be ready.

Lets Prick Some Chaat Masala on


Here we go..

Masala , Oil , Fish and Action…


Here is the mouth watering , mesmerizing , peppery and worth waiting the Akram’s Fish.

Akram- The Pied Piper


Thankyou Karachiites for being too gracious.

A source of delight for the pleasant Karachiites

Who is Akram?

Since 24 years , Akram is successfully serving the East Karachiites with delicious fishes under the label of “AKRAM FISH POINT” . His younger brother is his helping hand. Akram owns a fishery too from where he gets fishes for foodies.He wears Surma along with a friendly smile.

Where is he located?

Located a Gulshan e Iqbal , Hassan Square food street.

Adjacent to PIA Platinum.. Near Mehran Sajji , Darbar foods.

Go and give a worth try…

When I turned into Movie buff

When I turned into an absolute Movie buff.

In Karachi , we have now a good range of cinemas like Nueplex , CinePax , or Atrium cinema. I always perceived cinemas as a “money waste” thing. But my perceptions had just altered when  Me and my sister planned to watch GODZILLA in cinema for the first time and the 3D was the cherry on the top for us.  It was a scorching afternoon of May this year  , we decided to go Nueplex , whereas Nueplex offers best 3D screen so far yet , Nueplex is placed inside the “The Place Mall “ at DHA Phase 8 nearby Moin Khan Academy , DHA Golf Club , and Creek Vista etc.  So we went up the escalator to the third floor and lo and behold there were movie posters. There were posters for Godzilla, X-Men : The days of Future and Past , City Lights , and some others I can’t remember.

As we went for Godzilla but just in time we changed our mind for the X-men which was the best decision ever for experiencing 3D cinema at its best. So the ticket price was Rs.700 Plus we had to buy 3D glasses for Rs.250 which was costly right? Anyways , the Movie was just about to begin , We rushed towards the beautiful lounge where the snack bar is situated , we bought a salty popcorn , two soft drinks and a lays chips which cost almost a Rs.1000 , too pricey I must say.

So in I went, down the sound-proofed corridor, through carpeted walls and floors, into the huge hall. Wow! That was some big-Bottom screen. The pictures were huge and clear. It was amazing. Then the audio? One word: booming that was the loudest I had ever watched a movie. The floor was literally vibrating with every action (as the movie is full action packed ) When Hogun ( Hugh Jackman ) entered in the movie, the whole crowd was cheering. That was so awesome to see him in the huge screen.

So there I sat, in a highly air-conditioned hall (‘room’ doesn’t do it justice), watching 15-feet tall mutants destroying 20-feet tall machines and Mutants , and munching away on my popcorn.

Generally, I prefer watching at the cinemas than at home.

I love the large screen, lightning and sound effects. I love the popcorn .I love the whispers and side talks. I just love everything about the cinemas.

And now, you could call me a “series regular” to the cinema

So, what’s your tale?

Father of Nation- Where he lived…

I saw this museum as I passed on the road several times. It always looked well maintained, but I never saw any people. I finally got a chance to visit on a weekend with IM KARACHI team, the gate was locked, but there was a little sign giving the hours and saying that admission is free. We were about to turn around and give up, but the custodian walked over slowly and unlocked the gate apologizing for taking a long lunch. He welcomed us and gave us a guided tour narrating the history as we went. The signs clearly said no photography inside, but after so many requests they not only let us, but encouraged it (without flash).
Previously known as the Flagstaff House, the property was purchased by Jinnah in 1943 for Rs.140,000/-. The curator said it was designed by Moses Somake and built circa 1868 pointing at the oldest stamped date on one of the ceiling tiles. Jinnah brought over his furniture from Bombay following the India/Pakistan partition.

Even after Jinnah’s death, his sister Fatima Jinnah lived in the house until 1967. While she has been regarded as a leading stateswoman and activist, her death in the house is still a conspiracy. Officially she died of heart failure, but the story is that she was murdered. The house was then deserted until 1985 when it was refurbished and opened as a museum. We can still find the slippers of Fatima Jinnah besides her bed.

The curator, who said he worked there 30 years since the beginning, was eager to have me sign the visitor book. While the museum was free and in good shape, it was rather depressing to see just how little it was visited, with long gaps of time between entries.

3(A fountain at the centre of the lawn)


(A notice board at the main gate)

It says…

Hours are 9am ~ 4pm (closed for lunch 12~1pm), closed on Wednesdays.
Fridays are half day, 9am~12noon.
Admission is free, but donations gladly accepted

Past never Fades…

Every time I took a route of Abdullah Haroon road with my best friend, we always get fascinated with the beautiful colonial public architecture. Yes!!! The frère hall is the right guess. She always poke me and say the same thing ‘we are going to have a selfie with this building, the picture will give a good background result’ and I always nodded my head.


(Frere hall-A view from lush green garden of Hall)

I had never been to Frere Hall, but when I joined ‘Travelogues Karachi Program’ I had a chance to explore the most recognizable exquisite architecture.

In the scorching heat of May, when the bus stopped in frontof the Frère Hall. My mind automatically revised the calendar into British era. I imagined the man who was sitting in the bench and was looking like a British sepoy and I felt like I have a meeting with ‘Sir Bartle Frere’. But, the honk of a bus distracted my imagination and I came back to 2015.

So even in the fierce summer of Karachi, I was excited to explore the Venetian gothic styled building.

Historically, Frere Hall served as the town hall, but now it serves as a hub of socio-cultural activities.

Frère Hall is surrounded by the beautiful lush green garden with lotsof tress and benches. People were resting under the trees which were so soothing to beat the heat of midday.

There I found a young boy who had a blue guitar and he was singing some genre of sad song which had a lyric, “Tere Yaadien, mulakatien, main kaise bhoolon chahat ki woh barsatain…..”

At first, I perceived him as a broken lover, but my generalization was wrong and when he told me that he is a struggling star who is going to perform with a folkstar ‘Shazia Khushk’ very soon.

After a small chit chat, I went to explore another side of Hall which was admirable too. The identical shaped pillars jointed stairs case which led towards Sadequain Gallery. A man named Sadequain is an artist, a very well-known painter and a calligrapher (for those who doesn’t know about the person Sadequain), who had painted the ceiling of Frère Hall and enhanced the beauty , for this reason, the hall was named as “Sadquain Gallery” for giving an honor.

Due to less time and schedule bound, I could not be able to get a glimpse of inside the Hall.

1(A stair case which leads to sadaquain gallery)

Recently I had one of those cliched Lahore vs. Karachi argument with a friend, who asserted that Karachi cannot be a tourist attraction. He was right that is not a tourist attraction, it doesn’t have an immediate feel of history, but it’s a discovery.

That beggar on the street might have a story that will redefine your world-view. The smoke and dust will lead blur the ugliness and make for break taking sunsets. You may move on from attractions, but you keep on coming back to discoveries.

Hello world!

Well I am Sarah Jabeen , A true Karachiite and also a business student. Want to travel the whole world , capture unsung heroes lives and explore the world with all brand new perspective.
Love Food , Karachi and Travelling Travelling and Travelling.

Read my stories and know the world with my perspective..

Happy blogging! 🙂

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